So tell us about the Cherry Tree Cup...

Glad you asked!  A near-mythical rivalry between the East Finchley and Muswell Hill - stretching back through the aeons to July 2015, is fuelled by a fierce desire on the part of the residents of both these North London districts to lay their hands on....The Cherry Tree Cup.


Every year, the Race the Neighbours runners declare their allegiance to N2 or N10 (don't worry, you can also declare for "just running" if you're not from round these parts).  Every runner counts - the times of each area's runners are averaged out, and the postcode with the best time is declared the winner.


East Finchley won the first two Cherry Tree Cups, but Muswell Hill came storming back in 2017 to take the spoils.  This year?  Anything could happen.



The Cherry Tree Cup Roll of Honour

2015 - East Finchley

2016 - East Finchley

2017 - Muswell Hill

2018 - East Finchley

2019 - Muswell Hill