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RTN 2024

By taking part in Race the Neighbours 2024 you agree to the terms and conditions below.


1.    I confirm that I will be over the age of 16 on the day of the event. If I am under the age of 16, I understand I must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who is also registered to take part. 

2.    I acknowledge that I have entered this race at my own risk and are medically fit to run 10 kilometres. I understand that I must seek medical advice about any health concerns I may have about participating. 

3.    I will not compete on the day of the race unless I am medically fit to do so on that day

4.    To the extent permitted by English Law neither the organisers, nor their sponsors or suppliers will be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury resulting from your participation in this race. 

5.    I understand that the use of iPods or personal stereos is not recommended at this event for safety reasons.

6.    I understand that the route is fully marshalled by volunteers, and this is shown on the map provided on the day. I agree to follow the route safely and follow any advice given by marshals. 

7.    I will not participate in the event without first completing the next of kin and medical details form on the back of your race number. 

8.    I will immediately inform North London Hospice if anything happens which puts my participation in doubt. North London Hospice regret that they are unable to offer refunds once places have been purchased. I understand that my place cannot be exchanged or rolled over to Race the Neighbours 2025. 

9.    I understand that if I am found to have passed on my assigned race number to anyone else other than in accordance with these terms then the race organisers reserve the right to disqualify the record of that runner from the final race results.

10.    I have provided North London Hospice with the correct information. For more information on data, please refer to our privacy policy

11.    I will not do anything to bring North London Hospice into disrepute. If I do so, North London Hospice has the right to withdraw my place. 

12.    I give permission for the free use of any pictures or video footage taken by North London Hospice on the day for promotional advertising or other uses as deemed appropriate. 

13.    The race has a 90-minute cut-off time for completion after which time the course markings will start to be removed and marshal positions vacated. I understand that running at a speed slower than this that I may be asked to cut short my run and return to the finish area via a shortened route.

14.    I confirm I have read, understood, and agree to all the terms and conditions set out above. 

North London Hospice recommends all participants keep a copy of the terms and conditions safe to refer to after registering for the event.

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