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Our finishing line...

Dear Friends, runners, neighbours.

Way back in the summer of 2015 we began an adventure, establishing a new 10k in our own corner of North London. In the 9 years since then we’ve held 7 summer 10k races, welcomed hundreds of runners, learned a lot about staging events, and put a smile on lots of faces including our own. We’ve raised and donated more than £8,000 to local charities. And we’ve just loved taking over Cherry Tree Woods for the day and turning it into the headquarters of ‘London’s friendliest 10k’. Along the way we even managed to make a short movie.

Sadly however it looks like 2023 will have been our last race, at least for the time being. The time pressures involved for all of us have led us to the reluctant conclusion that we need to hang up our organising shoes for now. There will be no Race the Neighbours 2024.

We aren’t ruling out a return in the future. And in the meantime we’d be very happy to talk to anyone that is interested in the idea of perhaps taking on the mantle of organising a local 10k in this area that uses the same route. If that’s you, then please do get in touch via [email protected].


We’ve loved running with you and wish you every success in your future racing and training.

See you soon,

Greg, Avi, Marc, Dave, Elliot, Greg and Alain

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